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Frequently asked stair questions:

Are your stairs built on site (in-situ) or delivered as pre-cast?

Our stairs are built on site by our focused, trained team. The advantages of this are that the stairs are finer tuned for the buildings specific requirements.
On-site conditions vary sufficiently to what has been measured on initial site visits, e.g. walls are not usually at perfect right angles. Walls are often slightly out of plumb or bowed slightly. This results in different dimensions throughout the wall. A benefit of constructing concrete stairs on site are that the carpenter notices these discrepancies and adapts the moulds as he works. As opposed to a pre-cast staircase; to where the discrepancies would only be known too late.

What's better; Concrete or Steel staircase?

Concrete provides far superior fire rating along with accoustic attenuation (reduction in sound).

What's the Cost of a Concrete Staircase?

The cost can vary dependant on the staircase. Generally they are the same price as steel. Often we find we are cheaper on complex curved, helical stairs.